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Facts on the Islands

Winter is the most expensive time to visit the islands especially around Christmas as many natives go home then. Summer is the cheapest and many hotels provide transporation. Book your rental car well in advance as there are shortages on the islands . Spend extra the cash to have the rental car company's insurance because accidents can happen. It happened to me on vacation ,all four tires blew and someone hit me from behind which caused scratches on the car. Fortunately I had their insurance. Book airfare before June and travel before if you can as fares are lower then.

Recommended Hotels


In Kingston - the best place is the Courtleigh Hotel , for the best price , security and amenities. They provide a full Jamaican buffet breakfast with Johnny cakes, ackee and saltfish, bammie,coconut rundown, fish to name a few. The also have internet connection and a great gym.

For nightlife there is also a club . Several shops carry both casual and formal wear.

They are close to busline, convenient to shooping and travelling in Kingston . They accept US currency. Have friendly staff.

During the christmas seaon request a room away from the banquet halls as it get a bit noisy from various functions.

Runaway Bay - is one of the best places to stay.

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